Bitcoin maxi

bitcoin maxi

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Is Ethereum a sh*t coin? - Bitcoin Maximalist answers - Saifedean Ammous and Lex Fridman
Bitcoin maximalism is a belief amongst cryptocurrency advocates that Bitcoin is the only true digital asset, now or in the future, and that all. Bitcoin maximalists believe Bitcoin is the only digital currency that will be needed in the future, and that all other digital currencies are inferior. Bitcoin maximalist cultural logic is restrictive. It is about who can behave in the purist, most ascetic manner. The problem for members, as it.
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It set down the core principles of crypto culture: decentralization and censorship resistance. The argument then follows that investors would be better off investing in a best-of-breed asset, such as Bitcoin, instead of risking their money by investing in other coins or tokens. The wealth, the size of the user base, and the history of success are features, which set the Bitcoin network apart from other blockchains. Partner Links.