Eth death cleaver

eth death cleaver

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Death Cleaver as the Zealer's. Does magic find work if your necro minions or mercs. How do I open the socketed armor and weapon. Can I upgrade my normal decent speed strike combined with. PARAGRAPHLog In Sign Up.

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Eth Death Cleaver Drop - The Pit - 04.01.2020 - Diablo 2
0. Just looking at the stats, my oath zerker seems far superior for pvm. Is death cleaver a pvp only item? Death Cleaver � Ethereal � % ED & 9 LAK � Perfect Perfect: +% Enhanced Damage, +9 Life After Each Kill. This Weapon is Ethereal (+50% base damage) and. Isnt eth death cleaver actually better for bvc than grief? dmg is arround 66% ds(which is 2x dmg) and awesome %eDef while giref.
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